Hellhammer ” Bloody Insanity ” 7 ” ep 

Made in multiple colors / Picture disc / gatefold 7 ep jacket

This recording was to be the original EP of the NWOBHM style releases of the day ( 1984 ! ) But other albums and compilation appearances and Celtic Frost came to be…

Hellhammer 7 ep record release in 2016
Hellhammer 7 ep record release in 2016

The Red dot indicates a – limited to red vinyl – release

Recorded on mobile eight-track on June 10 and 11, 1983 at the Grave Hill Bunker, Birchwil, Switzerland.

Picture 7″ / 500 copies
Silver 7″ / 300 copies (Century Media exclusive)
White 7″ / 300 copies (Nuclear Blast exclusive)
Clear 7″ / 300 copies (High Roller exclusive)
Transparent Red 7″ / 600 copies (this)
Black 7″ / 1000 copies


with copies split between US distribution and European.

Track # 1 ‘ BLOODY INSANITY ” contains vocals from  STEVE WARRIOR  , not TOM G  , ( he sings on b side ‘ MANIAC ‘  )

These `1st generation masters are interesting , because beyond sounding pretty much the same or worse then several other Hellhammer boot releases , yet  the track MANIAC on side B of the record stays in your face !!! This was  among  the earliest forms of death metal along with Mercyful Fate , but Hellhammer got the vocals right ! uughh !

The record was repackaged for 2016 public , but we opened it up and actually listened to both sides several times it was hard to find MANIAC being an new and improved version….I have a volume knob so I used it, shouldn’t heavy metal be played at top volume ?  I can assume these versions might be the original scratch tracks that never saw the light of day…. But also no forum cry of sound quality….guess you weak thrashing MANIACS leaving the sticker , and shrinkwrapped attached to the record and never playing it, one might never know…!!!

If you were a huge fan of the earliest form of death metal this is a glimpse into the genesis of that sound / style. HELLHAMMER riffs were top notch and copied by death and black metal bands till this very day of August 2016

Celtic Frost of course took that sound ( and recording quality ) up about 11 times better , but this look into the past is a very intimate one by the good old Tom G Warrior.

hellhammer times

Demos like  ” DEATH FIEND “,” TRIUMPH OF DEATH ” and ‘ SATANIC RITES ” seem far and few today in the metal scene , but the style of playing has stuck around. The quality was raw and very unknown to the public in 1983 and probably did not actually catch on till the LP release of ‘ APOCALYPTIC RAIDS ‘ release, and  rise of the Celtic Frost Lps of course!

Hellhammer demo Cover



Hellhammer Crucifixion LP
Hellhammer Crucifixion LP


It was a nice surprise to have Steve ‘ SAVAGE DAMAGE ‘ Warrior taking the headliner spot on the good old tracks like ” Bloody Insanity ” . His vocals made some of the tracks from the demos and the bass of course , which is a highlight of the great Hellhammer sound….I see the SLAYED NECROS had a band called GRAVE HILL in 1981-1982 , now I wonder what that is about !


There are some samples of band demo from 1984   Køtsen ‎– Attack Of The Savage Horde –      and Yes you know those vokills !!!  PAIN COMPLETE !!!!!!!



Immolation live in NYC
Immolation live in NYC

IMMOLATION  In New York was a sick trip no matter what show it was. Living in New Jersey , counties of Manhattan and Staten are your neighbors . Seeing Immolation was a train ride away or even a 360’d car  away , I had witnessed Immo many Many (! ) times…… but they never get old. Being hooked it only took a crushing two track demo followed by a 3 track one each with the most low brutal vocals and straight up New York back to the roots death metal. Immolation never lets you down. The demos got you going. But you needed to witness them live.


Eventually we will have a  short interview here for DEATHMETALSITE with Ross from Immolation.  We talk and we stay grounded in our death metal scene in the best ways. I  would look back at the days of early 1990s and guys from Goreaphobia with pure worship of Immolation and it was nice to know I was not alone ! The drummer liked them so much he joined  !  shit ! I had the thrills many times to hear ” the new song ”  or something. was the best.  Infectious Blood!  Fuck the death metal was played fierce and the band very low and brutal .



Yonkers New York and the root of the Immolation demo times helped a foundation of 100’s of bands sounds ( I think…) very subliminally  , slowly crushing….our brains… and our scene.


The photo we have here ( above )  is from the hippie club ” The Wetlands ” which wasn’t so hippy , when  Bob Weir had to step side by side with Anal cunt and Carnivore. I have to say thanks for the NJ / NY connection trains in so many instances. The Long walks are worth it !

I took a few snaps at CONEY ISLAND HIGH club the people in the back round not ready yet. It was nice to have a local selection of carnage to feast on. I feel sorry for those that do not. Sorry!

at Coney Island High !
at Coney Island High !

FUCKIN IMMOLATION!!  Yes our photos are old.  But the story is about old things. I watched Immolation grow from a small  town band ,  to an International one.  Yet   – they stayed humble  –  I respect that in today’s day and age ! Immolation continues to blast their sounds.  So check them on   tour shortly in Europe !





2016 Update on Death Metal


After thinking about it for a while. We at  DEATHMETALSITE.com have decided to cover some ” new ” releases.

Aka : (  * New *  )  for our writers cannot certainly be taking about news / bands from 2016 releases only, but instead ” Newer ”  Or ” You must listen to this ” releases or bands.

Let’s be honest. Autopsy is still here , churning out death metal releases . Bands like reform on a yearly basis ( depending on the year ) . I won’t go into names. Save that for later .

Since 1992 after a small hey-day of the 1st generation death metal and grindcore releases ( aka everything from Death ( 1986 ) , Napalm Death 1987 ( Earache ) , Pungent Stench 1988 ( Nuclear Blast ) Carcass Symphonies of Sickness release til Relapse and Century Media formations as labels ,  to the times of the Swedish Sunlight every weekend is booked 1990-1992 ….. to the Finland eerie demos to change overs ( hello Xysma ? won’t you tell me your name . or sorry! Disgrace I think covered that song ! Yeah LP was an amazing release too!). Death metal is a long standing tradition for those that play it. for some never unfold as bands.

During this amazing era in time bands historically formed or disbanded. Break ups of bands after 2-4 years is almost as legendary as the bands themselves.  Chris Reifert once told me when he formed Autopsy everyone asked him about DEATH. When he formed Abscess everyone asked him about Autopsy. When he formed…  you get the picture right ?

So , being 2016 and not 1993 or something , our website will cover some releases that are not merely from the letter writing era. We are not haters of the new bands or the new scene of death metal sounds.  More like purposely sheltered. Besides running a death metal label NECROHARMONIC we have dedication to the bands signed to it , so we cannot listen to the 100 percent of death metal releases on the scene. If trendy younger kids buzz of a band we avoid it. Not a click worth listening. Remember when Myspace played a clip of a bands , but ( as some noticed ) now in the last 6 years we have a choice to press the – play – button or not.  This keeps selective ears from hearing garbage music , and even giving it a :30 seconds worth of thought.  I ordered demo tapes in my years and within the 1st few minutes I wasn’t feelin it  I pressed stop on the deck ( or pulled the needle off the record )  .

In 2016 we will cover some old and new music. With permission of the bands I will put up some sound samples as well.

Ok with that said…. watch for our next update…been doing my homework or listening and art scans , photography to add to these reviews / stories / band info / infomercials !


2/ 7 / 2016








We noticed no websites dedicated to the old craft that looked original! The current commercial websites for metal just being huge advertise sites . Commercial death metal and bias articles written by PC metal fans with barely 10 years in the metal scene. With the contributions to DEATHMETALSITE.COM , we hope to bring things back towards the earlier days of this extreme music and its artwork , live shows, fanzines, and more.

What you will find on Deathmetalsite.com

We are not in the pocket of some large record label or promotional firm. No bullshit paid advertisement ass kissing. No ads running around the borders with hip hop artists. No large boring articles written by English majors.  No jokes and fake articles.  Just pure underground thoughts, brought by people who were present. Yes before internet. Yes before compact discs. Way before overpriced vinyl hype too. Check out these pages, enjoy this trip down memory lane (of hell..) and spread it to someone who can relate to these old times.

Deathmetalsite’s authors will be opening their extensive DEATH / BLACK Metal Archive. We will host various one of a kind interviews, photos, unheard demo recordings, late 1980’s and early 1990’s experiences. Told by people who were present, or by people close to the scene.

Free stuff (music and video) , underground photos and releases time forgot about , and tons of REAL heavy music from a time past is what this site is trying to achieve . This website is here to expose the pure unfiltered ways of the forgotten days of death metal. We will cover some borderline black metal and gore bands as well, since these genre bands ran alongside death metal very close in the underground scene from 1983-1999. DEATHMETALSITE.COM sole purpose is to help real long term metal fans check out some bands, and visuals that have not been posted on this very large ol’ internet.

In our grand plan here I thought we could speak with VISUALS, show photos, and show letters and demo tapes written in the early days of death metal. These were NOT always normal letters. The people ( myself )  writing with other band members , fans and  labels , but who were foreign . Not English speaking. You will see that mentioned a lot , along with “ send back my stamps “ , and “ I’m sorry “ I noticed on many letters from strange worlds ( Finland, Sweden, Japan, France, Belgium, Holland maybe even Malta. ) These fans of metal should not have been sorry…. They had good English. ! They wrote well. The majority of them wrote long letters about their scene, their band , or a friends band. It was something new for me when I started writing letters. They were pen pals but something was more long standing. The letter they wrote was also sent to a foreign country. To me.  In the The United States of America

I think back 25+ years ago and the people behind the letters and the contents of the small package was the stuff we all thrived for….


autopsy demo inner












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